Real Engineers, Real Designs

We are experienced, hands-on engineers, used to getting our hands dirty. We spent years working for technology giants you know from the press, now it’s time to become their competition.

We definitely are doers not talkers, concentrating on productive work and getting the job done. We deliver in accordance with current industrial best practice.

We cooperate only with the best experts from their disciplines. Our company distinguishes itself from its competitors by straightforward communication, flexibility, and effective decision-making.

Dariusz Zdyb,
Co-Founder & CEO

Goal oriented person with a passion for future technologies and companies development. He has profesional experience from England and Poland, related to the aircraft engines (General Electric Aviation), automotive industry (Jaguar Land Rover), and nuclear reactors (Wood Nuclear / Jacobs).

Master of Science in mechanical engineering, as well as master of networking people and ideas. Educated in Poland and Austria. Member of DAAAM International Vienna, enhancing network for scientific, academic and industrial cooperation.

Competent in conducting commercial R&D projects. Committed leader, proficient in leading the teams of highly skilled engineers or labourers. Experienced in concluding international trade deals. Enthusiast of ambitious projects and Think Big approach.

Andrzej Voigt
Co-Founder & Angel Investor

Senior Expert & Angel Investor in innovative technologies with more than 20 years experience in startups and its development & commercialisation

Current position: Expert Evaluator in European Commission (independent expert from 2018) In „EIC Accelerator Fund” (€10 bln funds for funding most innovative projects in EU in 2021-27)

Peter Kurowski
Co-Founder & CTO

High speed rotating machinery expert and powerlifter. But the second skill will probably not be very useful for this project purposes.

Designer, analyst, drafter, all in one. He started working on turbo machinery in 2010, since 2016 he is more focusing on electric motors and generators design, recently putting more and more emphasis on 3D metal printing applications.

His design portfolio includes projects for all the big names of aerospace and power industry: Rolls Royce, Siemens, General Electric, Safran, Boeing, Airbus to name just a few. However the flexibility and unpredictability of startup work is what he enjoys the most.

Sławomir Lach PhD,
Ceramics Research Expert

Senior researcher from the University of Gdansk. Chemist with broad experience in organic synthesis, chemistry of materials and nanotechnology. His professional interests led him first to Sweden and later to South Korea, where he focused on utilizing modern physical and chemical methodology in studying systems out of equilibrium, self-assembly, and nanotechnology with emphasis on surface-related phenomena and biology. He is interested in the development of new materials and their applications in modern engineering and medicine.

prof. Bogdan Dybała PhD,
Manufacturing & Fatigue Expert

Deputy director of the Centre for Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, employing over 50+ academics and technicians, at the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. He published over 150 articles, one third in international journals and conferences. He coordinated over 10 research projects, also in the EU Framework Programme, on behalf of his university. His research interests cover computer aided design and manufacturing, reverse engineering and advanced manufacturing technologies, including additive manufacturing (3D printing). He also has international experience, both in terms of scientific scholarships (UK, Germany, Sweden) and research cooperation in European project consortia.